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“It’s a Razzle Dazzle discount for Chicago the Musical at the Ambassador Theater” is probably something you’ll hear at least once or twice if you’ve ever visited Times Square during the day. You see those girls in the bowler hats and the red tights. You guessed it! Yup! That’s me! This post isn’t about the job that I do, we can dive into that one sometime in the future. Let’s talk about Times Square. That lovely little place that is 11,600 square feet. Times Square starts at, you can probably guess the street by now, 42nd street and goes all the way up to 47th street. It is almost as if when you are just on the outskirts of Times Square, all of it’s noise seems to be behind a glass cage and once you hit 7th avenue and Broadway, it’s like you’ve shattered the glass and it’s a whole different party on the inside. The amount of people I hear saying “Where is Times Square'' in one day is actually quite shocking. Every time I hear someone say it, I always yell to them, “Baby you’re in it”. And they truly had no idea that they had even stumbled upon the place. Times Square is like a giant fish bowl and I feel like one of the biggest fish in it. In a positive way, not in a egotistical way. But in a “I wear the pants around this town” kind of way meaning I have all the info you need to know about Times Square. I feel as though it’s “what happens in vegas, stays in vegas” type of thing. But boy do I have stories upon stories of what it’s like to work in Times Square. 

I do enjoy most days, eh, alright a few days, of the year, working in the Square. Those few days are the days that the most interesting things, conversations, and meetings happen. So many people love to stop and chat about the show that I promote for. Just last week this beautiful 84 year old woman came up to me so randomly. I had been having quite a day ridden with a lot of anxiety. She started talking to me about her life as a performer and opera singer and I just thought, wow I really needed this, she really needed to tell someone her story. So it was nice to lend a listening ear for a bit. Those are the kind of days I look forward to because I always believe in receiving signs from loved ones who have passed on. I do believe in that sort of thing. She had told me about a cousin of hers who had the same name as a great aunt of mine who passed away a year and a half ago, so I felt like it was my great auntie telling me to take a deep breath and that everything was going to be ok. So on days like that, I do enjoy meeting people in Times Square and being around the hussle and bustle of it all. 

However, Times Square is not for the faint of heart to work there. Especially if you are going to be dressed in red tights with shorts and sexy looking boot heels. The gross looks, the little kissy faces that gross ugly white men make, the teenagers who give you dirty looks for what you are wearing, it just sometimes can take a toll on you and you just get fed up with all the bullshit of it. But, all of the things like that that have been said to me or any time I spoke back to someone when they were negative towards me, it just makes you stronger as a person. I would 100% say that working in Times Square has made me somewhat of a jaded and standoffish kind of person, but I have not let it affect me to the point where I can’t work out there from time to time. There are days that are harder because I am socializing with billions of people daily. Literally billions. So I am definitely someone who needs to have the time to decompress from working in Times Square. Because anyone who repeats the same words and phrases at least 18 trillion times in a day to literally EVERY SINGLE person who passes by them, you get exhausted quite easily. Anyone who works or has worked in Times Square anywhere, whether it’s outside or in a store, would absolutely agree with me. It is one of THE HARDEST jobs. At least in my opinion it is. You can absolutely tell me if you think I am wrong about that but my job is a hard one that’s for sure. But I am good at what I do and from time to time I do love doing it. 

Times Square is what makes the job hard. Not only are we trying to work around people every day and convince them to take a free loose leaf of paper from us for a Broadway show but we are fighting through cold, rainy, snowy weather a good chunk of the time. The summer, spring, and fall are definitely the easier seasons to work in. The beginning of summer right in the middle of the end of spring and start of summer that is. It’s simple, a little less touristy and I definitely have a lot more energy and motivation to be outside in the middle of one of the craziest places on earth. 

I guess it varies based upon the time of year. There’s a right time and right day to be in that place. Times Square is fun and colorful and jazzy. Full of weirdos and amazing things. I do avoid going there on my days off unless I am seeing a Broadway show which is few and far between but having the time away from the Square is truly what makes it all worth it to go back and feel inspired. So many cool things happen in that place, a lot of bad things too, crazy things, but you have to experience it at least once in your life. It’s a square of creative people that is timeless. Times Square.

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