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Taking Risks and change

How long does it take to realize that change needs to happen? How long can you endure the suspense of what comes next in life? When you feel like you are stuck, at your wits end, that hair pulling feeling of "is my life going anywhere?" "Do I need to just settle and be okay with how my life is?" Or are we capable of changing the narrative for ourselves if we know we can achieve more than this ordinary life.

I've never stayed in one place for very long. I am always changing and rearranging. Moving on and stepping out into something different. It thrills me and brings me joy but also challenging obstacles that are even more thrilling. The problem is when I feel too stuck in one place, I become addicted and feel trapped within the idea that this is just how things ought to go for now. I become comfortable and cozy enough that I just stay put.

Change is scary but it must happen from time to time. This life of ours is so fleeting so we must learn to just let the days take us where they take us. As Jack from Titanic once said "To make each day count." Does it even count if we are just settling in the same storm, the same eye of the same storm in the middle of the same bottomless and landless water? Every day is a brand new one, so it's ok to wake up the next day and do something a little differently.


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