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Sephora Girls

What even is a Sephora Girl? I’ll be honest, I wasn’t sure when I got this suggestion but for my friend I decided to write about it anyways. I know that the term Sephora Girls refers to those 10 year old girls who are just psycho about getting tons of make up and skin care products from the store on mommy's dime. To be honest, I once considered myself a “Sephora Girl” or at least I didn’t know that was the term at the time. You see, when I was a Sephora Girl I was probably 16 years old and that was 11 years ago. I did go once when I was 21 to get my eye make up done for my birthday which was fun. But to tell the gods honest truth, I rarely step into any make up stores these days. I do have a pretty stereotypical high end skin care routine but I don’t constantly shop at Sephora for it. CVS is where I really get all my products at because it’s cheaper and also who has the time for that shit at Sephora or Ulta even. I am not someone who really wears make up all the time. Something about the bare naked face is just so rejuvenating. But let’s talk about these “Sephora Girls”. Well, when I googled the term this is what comes up: “They're missing the point. As the discourse has escalated, many have veered away from the core issue — blaming the tweens who shop at Sephora, instead of a beauty culture that turns girls' insecurities into purchasing power.” So, if that doesn’t shift your perspective on the term Sephora Girl, let that explanation from the internet sink in. Personally I feel as though the term “Sephora Girl” refers to those teens who want to spend a fortune in the store on their mommy’s dime and penny just to show off they can get away with spending a lot of money. While that used to be me, (not at Sephora specifically, but anywhere in general) though I am not proud of the fact that my mom used to spend literally all her money on me, I can proudly say that I am now at a place in my life where I don’t really need to rely on my mother for things that I “want” that are materialistic and will only last me a hot second. Because who has time to indulge in that shit. Who has the time to really care about how much money they spend and the quantity of things that they buy? And also who has the time to beg their mommy for everything that they want when your mother has literally probably already spent her life savings on you from day 1!?! There’s just no time for all of that. So I guess this just shows that I’ve really grown up and out and away from a materialistic mindset. Plus the only thing I truly care about nowadays is getting to spend time with my mother whenever I can. But back on track here, let’s open up this conversation more about Sephora Girls. The term rather, not just the girls specifically. Because let’s be honest, societally, it is a social “norm”. A socialist term. If that even makes sense. The idea behind it is that it just means to show off that you are able to spend a large pretty penny and show it off for clout. That is just so OUT for 2024. But please, let me hear your thoughts. Because Sephora Girls are more than just the actual girl. It’s a mindset, a term and based on ego, in my true opinion. But truly I would like to hear more thoughts on my thought process of the term. Do you agree with me? Or am I making it out to be something it isn’t? Or is a Sephora Girl simply just a girl or anyone who goes into Sephora and likes to shop there? Let me hear what you think.

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