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There seems to be a void that I am trying to Avoid lately. There’s this stream of nothingness that cannot be filled. How to fill that void? How do we decide what to fill that void with? Who is to judge what we put into that void? Because the void can be so small yet so open at the same time. We feel the need to fill the void with the things that will take up the most space in it. But what about the little things? The little moments, the tinier pieces of life that we just easily pass over. We are allowing ourselves to either do the bigger thing or just have nothingness. Are we constantly forcing ourselves to wait for something that will automatically fill in that missing puzzle piece? Just the one piece that will fit? Or can we start with the edges and fit as many puzzle pieces as we can manage? No single puzzle piece would be big enough to complete any incomplete spaces we have. So why not take the one puzzle piece and make it into a billion more pieces and go from there? Our minds do not want to do the work often because it’s too much. So we force ourselves to sit in the nothingness until we can find the missing piece.

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