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For my actor friends and theatre people: Staying energized auditioning while you have to work a 9-5 like job

This idea that we have to always be busy, always be keeping a tight schedule, is just not how I would personally like to have my days look like. But however, some people are quite built for that. It is not an easy feat to try and make ends meet at a job that is not quite serving you the same way anymore. Especially if you are a creative or part of the artistic culture so to speak. I know for me, personally, I can only keep focus on one thing at a time and here and there if I have a good day off and I plan ahead of time, I won’t go and do that audition. Because sometimes I work myself too hard to the bone and I cannot seem to gather the strength to keep pushing after a long work day or week. However, something that I am quite practiced in is doing things, such as auditions and song writing or just being creative in general, at the last second. Something about just randomly pulling out my ukulele in a spur moment just because I felt like it, brings me such a euphoric feeling. I lose my sense of time almost. But that really isn’t the point of this topic, is it? 

Who really can keep up with a 9-5 job and then consistently audition for things? At least I’ve never met someone who can do that personally but that doesn’t mean it is not at all possible to have that stamina and strength to do that. If you build it up and work hard at being able to keep that kind of brain power going, than go for it! What is stopping you?

I can speak from personal experience here. I have a job that takes all of my time during the holiday season and it can really swallow me whole. My mental state suffers and I am so exhausted from working 40 hours a week that I have no energy to do anything else. Sometimes I have felt like a failure because of this but I know that I am not because I am absolutely capable, I just know my limits and when I need to take a break or a breather, I take it. I used to do it alone, and get stuck in a thought process of you are worthless for working this much and not doing anything else with your life. That takes a toll and builds up inside you. This year I actually exploded, but not in anger. In a way of “WHY AM I DOING THIS TO MYSELF? I know I am capable of doing so much more.” 

Life is about balance, balancing your work and home life and social life. Emma Chamberlain once talked about this on her podcast Anything Goes and I loved what she had to say on it. (Go listen to her podcast!) The idea that we have to do all three and keep up with it is just insane. No, you have to pick and choose. Obviously work is important to make money so you can have a place to sleep and buyb food and stay healthy. But, you also can’t over work yourself. You need to be able to have the time to say no to social life when you just feel like being home and in your own space and time while also having self control and saying, I need to be a little more social and go out and do things. Being social doesn’t mean go out and party, but maybe going to a little coffee shop and bringing your laptop and being around people while you work. My boyfriend and I did this one day just to get out of the house and not be cooped up. We got some coffee, I got a biscuit and we just both sat on our computers getting some work done. He was submitting to auditions while I was working on my blog and it was just peaceful to feel awake and surrounded by other humans doing the same thing. It can be very meditative actually. 

Is there really a way that we can consistently work a 9-5 job and still have time to prioritize auditioning? All my theatre and actor friends, I’m talking to you! Let me hear your thoughts! Sometimes I feel like there’s no in between. It’s either work to make enough money to pay rent or sacrifice your expenses and take more time to be creative which in the end, in most cases can be financially destructive. But where is the line? What can you do to try and meet yourself in the middle? I struggle and deal with this every day. What to do? How do you make enough money to survive and keep your mental health in check to be able to continue being creative and doing the things we are most passionate about. The things that make us, US! I am starting to take initiative on this in my personal life, where I can cut my hours back and try and get more on top of my creative side, hence the blogging! But do I have to get a second job for security just to ensure that I am feeling comfortable in life and not just secure? One last thing I will say is this:

 “Find the people who are radiators in your life and not drains.” -Reese Witherspoon.

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