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"It’s like I’m in this room with a million doors that are open but a billion more that are closed and I just can’t seem to walk through the right open door. I close every door I open." It's what you do with the goodbye's in life and how you adapt to change. It's about what you can create from it. Sah is no stranger to people leaving her without a rhyme or reason. Close Every Door follows a young 25 year old as she is circling through the motions of the only reality she has ever known. She is writing a show about herself and is in rehearsals to present it to agents and producers. Through a series of old memories and song and dance, Sah takes you through the life she wants to build for herself with dreams of making a name for herself. Along the way her friend Rachel and co-worker James help her to see herself and guide her to what she eventually accomplishes. The road is challenging and she has to unlock painful memories and past connections to find herself and her melody.


Close Every Door

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